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"Both my partner and I feel that working with Anita Mechler has been quite easy and productive.  Her knowledge of archival standards and organizing practices have been of great benefit to our operation. In a short amount of time, we have gained a better understanding of how to proceed - which will save us time and make us more efficient. When the many "What if's?" present themselves as overwhelming as we think things through, Anita has been able to suggest solutions and ways of assessing our collection and providing tools of organizing that bring us relief. Where a method is unclear, we have been able to get clarification from Anita, and she is patient during that process. We find Anita to be prompt for our meetings, conscientious about social distancing protocols, and equipped to address the variety of areas which our work covers."

Maggie and Africa Brown, Oscar Brown Jr. Collection

"I had the pleasure of working with Anita in a mentor/mentee work situation for about three years. During that time I was fortunate to be able to collaborate with Anita on a number of library, archives, and programming initiatives. I quickly learned that Anita was a very creative, but ultimately detail-oriented person - a wonderful combination of traits in our line of work. Archives, especially personal archives, are often order created out of the chaos of life. You need to somehow manage to implement some kind of structure that makes a collection usable, while not violating the feel of the original order of the collection's creator. It's a delicate balance that Anita knows well, and is able to achieve using her professional knowledge and creativity. Anita is also a person who cares. She approaches her work with a sensitivity towards preserving and amplifying the stories of groups and individuals who may have been silenced during their lifetimes. She has a real passion for storytelling, and cultural preservation, and would be an asset to any archival project."

Lisa Labovitch, History Specialist, Everett Public Library

"I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Anita at a time in my career when I was in need of a strong mentor in the archives world. The depth of her knowledge of the field and her overall warmth and positivity made me certain of my path and helped me to better articulate my goals and assert myself. I could not have done it without the confidence Anita instilled! I have now had the privilege of knowing Anita for several years, through various roles and projects, and have remained consistently impressed with the passion and focus she brings to everything she does. She is a person who knows how to set and achieve a difficult goal, a quality that is extremely valuable in archival work. She is such a resource for me, both personally and professionally, and will surely continue to bring her vast amount of knowledge and skill to all she does."

Jona Whipple, Library and Archives Professional

"Anita and I worked together on asset management projects for a production company. She was dedicated to unearthing the company's content and making it easy to find and use. Anita was consistently focused on organizing the historic materials presented to us, and she always had the users in mind, to ensure that the content was accessible to various roles and in its various media formats. Anita is a positive force who supports everyone on her team, both professionally and personally, and she remains a trusted mentor to me in my career. She tackles every archival project with equal curiosity and dedication and demonstrates a true passion for her craft. If I had the opportunity to work along side her again, I wouldn't hesitate to bring her aboard."

Laura Fu, Senior Business Analyst, Digital Assessment Management, Red Hat

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