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Services & Fees


Archival Services

I am a Certified Archivist (CA) through the Academy of Certified Archivists (CAA), with an Archival Copyright Law certification from the Society of American Archivists (SAA), and a Rare Books and Manuscripts Certification (RBMS) from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL).

I have been in the field for 15 years.


I have experience in all aspects of archival work from arrangement and description within archival standards, to digital archiving, creating finding aids, developing archival policy, experience with preservation and disaster recovery, records management, preservation fundraising, educational development, and reference services, for both analog and digital materials.

Information Management

I have a certification in the Fundamentals of Project Management from the Graham School at the University of Chicago and have participated and led in the strategic planning and execution of actions for many types of organizations. I am experienced in creating policies of management and administration, acquiring and managing collections of information, helping reorganize information and programs that need review and revamping, all while advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in recruitment, management, and staff training.

Grant Management & Instruction

I have been a decision-making panelist for National Historical Publications and Records Commission, National Archives and Records Administration. I have also co-written and managed National Endowment for the Humanities Assessment and Preservation Assistance grants totaling $20,000 as well as managed a $75,000, 3-year grant from the Mellon Foundation. I served on the Donnelly Foundation advisory board. I am I have co-created content for learning management systems and instructional guides for multiple clients.


I'm happy to speak with you and any fellow decision makers for a $75 initial consultation fee. During the initial consultation call, we will discuss the scope of your project, goals and vision, budgetary needs and constraints, and a timeline. If we decide to move forward together, I will present you and your organization with a customized proposal that will include: the phases of the project, supplies that may be needed, an estimated timeline, a cost estimation* (including supplies and labor fees), and further recommendations.


Visit my Calendly page to book an appointment now!

*Every project is unique* and therefore, every budget that I design is paired to the needs of the project and organization. I take into consideration all aforementioned factors and more when creating a budget.

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